It is time for a reality check - what is the point of spending time and money designing a website, and even more time and money getting people to visit it, if the content on it is so poor that people leave it without taking a positive action? When someone visits your website you want them to call, fill out a form, or make a purchase, and your content can help you achieve this.

Marketing Results helps businesses in Auckland create website content that works through our copywriting services. We turn dry, boring and un-engaging content into words and sentences that get attention, and that trigger buying motivations.

We Make It Focused On The Customer

At the heart of the copywriting that we produce is the customer. As a result, when we write content for your website, we don't write about your company, products or services. That might sound odd, but it is the cornerstone of good website content.

The content that we produce shows the customer in a concise and succinct way that you understand their problem. We then tell them how you can solve it to make their life better. The visitors to your website can therefore imagine wearing, receiving, or using your products or services, which brings them a step closer to taking a positive action.

Trust, Authority And SEO

Of course it is also well written, and SEO optimised. On a website this means content that is easy to read quickly. It has to demonstrate your authority and expertise in your industry, and it has to have clear calls to action.

The right words on your website can result in more money on your bottom line so call us today to find out more about our copywriting services.