Google Adwords

There are two main types of Google Adwords user. The first is the user who gets mediocre levels of traffic and minimal return on investment. In fact for many of these people it can actually cost more to run the campaign than the profit they make as a result. The other type of Google Adwords user is one who can get a return on investment from their campaigns, so is therefore able to make a profit.

Increasingly, large companies with deep pockets dominate Google Adwords. The result is that many small and medium sized Auckland business find themselves in the first group of users - those who cannot get enough traffic at a reasonable cost to justify the spend. At Marketing Results we can turn that around - we can make Google Adwords work for your business, even if you are up against national or international competition.

Marketing Results Gets Adwords' Results

We are Google Adwords experts so are highly skilled in optimising campaigns. We stay on top of developments in the industry, and we don't cut corners. Instead we do our research before deploying your campaign. We constantly measure and make adjustments as necessary, and we keep you fully up-to-date with clear and transparent reports.

The result for you will be more clicks to your website, at a lower cost per click, and more sales for your business.

Won't Paying You Make It More Expensive?

We are so confident in our abilities to get results for your business that we can say that even when you take our fees into account, you will still get a better return on investment from your Google Adwords campaign than you would if you go it alone.

And don't forget you are under no obligation and there are no contracts in place, so you can cancel any time. Stop wasting money on Google - they are rich enough already. Instead put more money into your pockets with an optimised Google Adwords campaign. Call Marketing Results today.