Conversion Rate Optimization

There is only one purpose for getting traffic to your website - conversions. Are you converting your traffic?

There is an old saying in business that revenue is vanity, but profit is sanity. In online marketing, traffic is vanity, but conversions are sanity. Despite this many website owners spend fortunes on getting more traffic to their website, without enough of a focus on converting that traffic.

What is the point of getting new visitors to your website when you are not converting the existing visitors?

Your existing website visitors are the low hanging fruit of your business, and should be the first priority for your efforts. Once you maximise the conversion rate for this traffic it is just a matter of scaling up.

There are three key objectives with conversion rate optimisation:

  • Convert existing but unprofitable traffic into profitable traffic
  • Convert existing profitable traffic into highly profitable traffic
  • Get new traffic to the website and make it profitable too

How Can You Do This Yourself?

To most website owners in Auckland, this is basic business sense. But there is a problem: most business owners in Auckland know what they have to do, but they don't have the time or the resources to do it.

This results in doing the best that they can, but not doing enough. Does this sound familiar? Is something like this happening in your business?

Improving the conversion rates of your website traffic takes skill, time, energy and persistence. And that's where Marketing Results-Auckland comes in. We are experts in this field with a proven track record of success in many industries. With us on your side, you can get the conversion rates that your business deserves.


The Steps We Take To Increase Your Website's Conversion Rate

Our tried and tested method of conversion rate optimisation can be tailored and applied to most businesses in Auckland.

Step 1 - Your Current Website Visitors

Before you spend any money getting new visitors to your website we spend time making sure you are getting as much as possible out of the existing traffic. This includes looking at various aspects of your website:

  • Design - making sure the page layout and menu structure are optimised
  • Customer focused - we review your website's content to ensure it is targeting the right people in the right way. Does it solve a problem? Is the content structured in a way that will keep their attention?
  • Headlines and content - we review all headlines and content ensuring they are effectively written. This includes unique promises, testimonials, proof of claims, and calls to action
  • Forms and list building strategy - we review and amend your forms, opt-in offers and other list build strategies as required

Step 2 - Analysis and Research

We then start a process of analysis, both of your website traffic, and of other companies at home and abroad. This lets us devise effective plans and learn more about:

  • What builds trust with customers in your industry
  • What are the pain points - the motivations to buy
  • What is the style of language that is used
  • Examples of good - and bad - sales pitches

This then moves onto research to get an even better understanding of your customers. This research involves everything from analytics to heat maps to email surveys to usability testing and more.

At the end of the process you will know more about your market, and we will know how to build a pitch that solves a problem for your customers, builds trust, and motivates them to buy.

Step 3 - Convert and Test

We take all of this information and construct your sales pitch. Because of the extensive work we undertake in the previous two steps, the chances of immediate success are high.

But we don't stop there. Instead we continue to improve the pitch by split testing which involves making small but essential improvements to all parts of the offering.

Are You Ready To Improve Your Conversion Rates?

The first step to finding out if we can improve the conversion rates of your website is to arrange a free consultation with one of our conversion rate experts. There is no obligation, but you will discover if your website can be improved, and by how much. Call today.

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