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What constitutes good search engine optimisation? Is it achieving the number one position in Google? Is it increased traffic to your website? Of course these things are important, but they are irrelevant if they are not accompanied by an increase in sales, and an increase in profits.

Located 34 Rossmay Terrace, Auckland you will find Marketing Results. We utilise a number of SEO strategies to get highly targeted traffic to your website. We are able to do this because we look at other measurements of success in addition to traffic numbers. This includes analytics and conversion rate reports.

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Search Engine Optimsation Basics But let's look at some basics first

  • We only use ethical strategies that won't get your website banned or penalised
  • We focus on strategies that get results
  • We optimise the structure of your website to ensure it is as visible as possible to the search engines
  • You will get an SEO audit that shows how your website looks to search engines
  • We do extensive keyword research to target our efforts
  • We review and optimise the content on your pages
  • The content remains focused on conversions, regardless of the SEO considerations
  • We build links to your website and engage in various outreach strategies
  • We maximise your social media presence through blogs and other social media platforms
  • We measure, analyse and report so you can easily measure the success

What Is Integrated In SEO Company Auckland NZ?

Integrated search engine optimisation means SEO that is inextricably linked to your sales, conversion and marketing strategies. We are passionate about getting visitors to your website who are more likely to convert.

This means finding the keywords that deliver and prioritising them over keywords that get traffic, but have low conversion rates. With this sort of approach to SEO, you get maximum returns on your investment.


Expert & Affordable SEO Service

  • Time - for some businesses improvements are seen in as little as a month, but for others it takes as long as six months. We will be able to advise you better once we understand your business, your industry and your website.
  • Cost - costs typically start at $300 a month, but the exact cost depends on the size of your website and how many keywords you want to rank for, what areas and how competitive your industry is. Whatever the cost, we are committed to you getting a return on your investment call us today to discuss your ideas
  • Safety - there are many unethical SEO tricks and schemes that some websites try in order to get ahead in search engine rankings. We don't believe this is an effective long-term strategy, so we don't engage in such practices. We only use transparent, ethical strategies to SEO your website
  • The difference - finally, we are different because we are focused on more than big traffic numbers. Instead we work to get you the right sort of traffic so that you can increase the profits generated from your website.


Free Website Audit

To find out where your business is ranking organically please submit your your website url here and report will be sent out in 48 HOURS.(We Respect your Privacy And This Is Not Spam!)

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