What does Marketing Results do?

We develop direct response digital marketing strategies to help businesses increase the leads and sales that they get online. Things like rankings and traffic numbers are important to us, but we are much more focused on sales, revenue and profit.

Are you different to other online marketing agencies?

Yes, we are different to other Auckland marketing agencies. Firstly we offer a holistic approach to your online marketing strategy. This means we look at all aspects, not just the easy parts. We do this because it helps us achieve our ultimate goal - to improve your revenues and profits. Which brings us to the other main difference between us and the rest - we are focused on revenues, rather than rankings or traffic numbers. In addition, we do not simply act as advisors - we actually do the work for you. We don't sell, but we implement all of the marketing systems and strategies to get - and nurture - leads so that your sales people have a steady pipeline to work with. Finally, we are cost effective. That means we deliver better - and more measurable - returns on investment than our competitors.

Who are you clients?

Our clients are typically established businesses in Auckland, although we do work with startup companies in some circumstances, and with companies further afield. Usually the businesses that get the most success from Marketing Results are those who have a digital marketing plan, albeit one that is not delivering as good as it could. Our clients come from all over the country, plus we have international clients.

What is direct response marketing?

Direct response marketing is a form of marketing that gets a real and tangible result as a direct result of content on the screen. For example, a visitor to your website reads a report or white paper about your industry, and then registers their email address with you as they want to receive more information.

How much do your services cost?

It depends on the service that you choose. Typically a website can cost between $1,500+GST - $15,000+GST depending on the requirements and how big the website is.
Online Marketing costs are usually between $400+GST - $5,000+GST a month and this depends on what marketing you are doing and how much of it are you doing.

Why are you more expensive than some other agencies?

We are more expensive because, with us, you get results. You could engage another agency in Auckland that charges half the amount we do, but unless they deliver at least half the results, you are wasting your money. And by results we mean real sales, new customers, and more leads. So, we are more expensive than other agencies because we deliver a better return on your investment. That makes our services cost effective - you spend more, but you get more sales as a result.

Will working with you disrupt my business?

No. We don't get in the way and we don't disrupt other strategies you have in place that are working. Our service compliments what you are already doing?

Do you do website design?

Yes we do - we do direct response website design.

What's the difference between Marketing Results and an advertising agency?

Most advertising agencies do not measure results, let alone judge themselves against those results. They will set up and run your campaign with little regard to whether it gets you any new customers or any new sales. Our strategies will get you new customers - your revenues will increase, as will your profits.

Is there something I can try before committing my budget?

Yes, you can read our blog to get more information, tips and advice. Or you can subscribe to our free e-course.

Who is behind Marketing Results?

Marketing Results was founded by online marketing expert Sam Raines. The team is based in Auckland and is made up of marketing, sales, advertising, design, development and copywriting professionals who can help you take the online marketing efforts of your business to the next level.

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