Website Design

At Marketing Results we are involved in direct response website design. This differs from standard website design in one key respect - results. Standard website design - the type you get from other agencies and design studios in Auckland - is focused on how your website looks. We are concerned with that too, but we are equally concerned with creating a website that gets results - sales, enquires and leads for your business.

So a website built using our website design services will look good, it will work across all devices so will be mobile friendly, and it will be optimised for search engines. But it will also be optimised for conversions to help you increase your bottom line.

What Sets Us Apart

We look at the core elements of good website design including structure, responsive code, navigation, typography, colours, performance, and more. This means you will have a website that represents your brand in a way that meets your expectations.

We also develop a sales strategy for your website so we create forms, we devise strategies to build lists, we create landing pages, and we structure the website so that it attracts the type of visitors that are most likely to convert.

Designers Who Understand Marketing

We are website designers and developers but we are also digital marketing professionals so we know what makes websites work and what makes them fail. Our designers and coders work together with our marketing and sales professionals when creating your new website to ensure it gets the best possible results for your business.

Don't just get a standard website that looks great - get one that looks great and that is optimised for conversions. Call Marketing Results today.

Google Adwords

There are two main types of Google Adwords user. The first is the user who gets mediocre levels of traffic and minimal return on investment. In fact for many of these people it can actually cost more to run the campaign than the profit they make as a result. The other type of Google Adwords user is one who can get a return on investment from their campaigns, so is therefore able to make a profit.

Increasingly, large companies with deep pockets dominate Google Adwords. The result is that many small and medium sized Auckland business find themselves in the first group of users - those who cannot get enough traffic at a reasonable cost to justify the spend. At Marketing Results we can turn that around - we can make Google Adwords work for your business, even if you are up against national or international competition.

Marketing Results Gets Adwords' Results

We are Google Adwords experts so are highly skilled in optimising campaigns. We stay on top of developments in the industry, and we don't cut corners. Instead we do our research before deploying your campaign. We constantly measure and make adjustments as necessary, and we keep you fully up-to-date with clear and transparent reports.

The result for you will be more clicks to your website, at a lower cost per click, and more sales for your business.

Won't Paying You Make It More Expensive?

We are so confident in our abilities to get results for your business that we can say that even when you take our fees into account, you will still get a better return on investment from your Google Adwords campaign than you would if you go it alone.

And don't forget you are under no obligation and there are no contracts in place, so you can cancel any time. Stop wasting money on Google - they are rich enough already. Instead put more money into your pockets with an optimised Google Adwords campaign. Call Marketing Results today.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can help you with the SEO of your website, but before you pick up the phone it is important that you understand what we do, what we don't do, and what we can achieve. We don't engage in dodgy SEO practices in order to get a quick boost in results. This sort of strategy doesn't have long term impact and can actually damage your website.

We don't employ strategies aimed at flooding your website with useless visitors either. Instead our approach to SEO is an integrated one which means we connect it closely with your sales and conversion strategies. We don't just want to send lots of traffic to your website: we want to send lots of traffic to your website that is likely to convert.

We Do Things Different

Yes, we know this is a different approach to most SEO companies in Auckland and further afield. They are just interested in the easy numbers, but we know that as a business there is ultimately only one number that is really important - the profit that you make. Your profit keeps your business operational, it allows you to employ staff, and it helps you to grow and expand in the future. We devise SEO stratgies that help you make more profit.

Here's How

  • Optimise your website for search and give you a report so you can see how it looks to search engines
  • Carry out extensive keyword research that is focused on terms that are likely to convert
  • We review the content of your website to ensure it is optimised for both search and conversions
  • We build links to your website and maximise your presence on social media
  • We test, analyse and report everything that we do

If you want an SEO service that works for your business you should contact Marketing Results today.


It is a cliché, but pictures do tell a thousand words. This applied before the days of the internet, but digital marketing has brought it into even sharper focus. This is because of the way that people use the internet. They scroll quickly, often using their fingers on a smartphone or tablet device. Some experts say they have short attention spans, but that is only partly true. A better way of describing how we all use the internet is that we want information quickly - images help to deliver this.

But not all images are the same. Professional quality photos will get much better results, and you can get that with the photography services offered by Marketing Results. We operate throughout Auckland and can create high quality photos and videos for your business.

What Are The Benefits

  • Increased engagement
  • Makes your website and social media pages look better
  • Helps to increase conversions
  • Helps SEO
  • Particularly in the case of videos they can be a new source of traffic

What We Offer

We offer professional photography services specifically aimed at creating good quality content for the internet - images and videos that generate engagement, that properly showcase your brand, that show off your products, and that encourage your visitors to make a purchase or get in touch.

Your alternatives are to take amateur looking images on your phone, or to use bland stock images, but neither of these options will get the results that you are looking for. You need professional photography for your website, so contact Marketing Results today.


It is time for a reality check - what is the point of spending time and money designing a website, and even more time and money getting people to visit it, if the content on it is so poor that people leave it without taking a positive action? When someone visits your website you want them to call, fill out a form, or make a purchase, and your content can help you achieve this.

Marketing Results helps businesses in Auckland create website content that works through our copywriting services. We turn dry, boring and un-engaging content into words and sentences that get attention, and that trigger buying motivations.

We Make It Focused On The Customer

At the heart of the copywriting that we produce is the customer. As a result, when we write content for your website, we don't write about your company, products or services. That might sound odd, but it is the cornerstone of good website content.

The content that we produce shows the customer in a concise and succinct way that you understand their problem. We then tell them how you can solve it to make their life better. The visitors to your website can therefore imagine wearing, receiving, or using your products or services, which brings them a step closer to taking a positive action.

Trust, Authority And SEO

Of course it is also well written, and SEO optimised. On a website this means content that is easy to read quickly. It has to demonstrate your authority and expertise in your industry, and it has to have clear calls to action.

The right words on your website can result in more money on your bottom line so call us today to find out more about our copywriting services.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are frustrated with the results that you are getting from your website and online marketing efforts you are not alone. In fact most websites do not reach their full potential. Why? Websites are usually designed to achieve a particular aesthetic effect, when they should be designed to get traffic, and then convert that traffic into paying customers.

This is called conversion rate optimisation, and it is what we do at Marketing Results. We help businesses of all sizes and in all industries in Auckland make their websites more profitable.

How We Do It

We start with your website and review its design and content. We make sure there is a clear message, and that it solves a particular problem of your visitors. We also make sure your forms and list building strategies are effective.

After this we analyse your industry and your competitors before devising and implementing a sales strategy for your website. The results are immediate, but we don't sit back at this stage. Instead we continue testing to squeeze as much from your website as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Could you do this yourself? In theory you could, but it takes time and resources. In addition online sales and marketing is what we do, and we are good at it. We can therefore get better results, and we can get them faster.

And when we say results we mean new customers for your business, and increased sales from existing customers. We don't deal in airy-fairy nonsense about statistics or strategies unless they achieve one thing - make you more money.

To find out more contact Marketing Results today.

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