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Make your Google Ads budget stretch further with proven results


Many businesses rely on Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords in NZ, to bring traffic to their website and customers to their business. Businesses use Google Ads because it gets results, plus it is easy to track and measure those results to get a full understanding of return on investment.


Your business can benefit from Google Ads also. It is a direct response advertising tool where you only pay when the ad is successful, i.e., whenever someone clicks on one of your ads to visit your website.


Why You Need an AdWords agency

Technically, anyone can use Google Ads. You don’t need a special account, and you don’t need to be pre-approved to get started. In fact, Google advertises and promotes its Ads service directly to small and medium-sized businesses just like you.


The reality, however, it that Google Ads is a highly complex tool. If you have tried to run campaigns before, you will understand the level of complexity that is involved.


In truth, while you can set up and run a Google Ads campaign yourself, the platform is actually geared towards a small number of specialist, high spending advertisers. 


Playing sport is a good analogy to use to describe what Google Ads is really like to use. While it is possible for you to play tennis or golf, there is a huge difference between amateur players and international- level professional sport.


It’s even worse than that, too, because using the Google Ads platform is like constantly playing rounds of golf or games of tennis against the best players in the world, rather than people at the same level as you. In other words, when you run a Google Ads advertising campaign, you will almost certainly be competing against the specialist, high spending advertisers mentioned above.


Levelling the Google AdWords Playing Field in NZ


That presents a number of questions. How do you level the playing field? How can you set up Google Ads campaigns that can properly compete? 


How do you get your business the best return on investment?  How can you move your campaign up to the same level as the professionals?


The answer is to hire professionals yourself, professionals who offer Google AdWords management services in NZ to compete in the competitive world of PPC advertising on your behalf.


Getting Results from Google Ads for Your Business


At Marketing Results, our team has knowledge, skills, and experience built up over 10+ years of using Google Ads PPC advertising to deliver measurable results for our clients. We’ll deliver the results you need in your business too.


We work with hundreds of clients in a range of different industries providing Google AdWords management in Auckland. This includes customers who have never used Google Ads before as well as customers that have run campaigns in the past but want to improve results.


So, even if you currently have a Google AdWords agency, contact us to see how we can deliver more.


The bottom line is you don't need to become a professional advertiser or Google Ads specialist to compete on this powerful and effective platform. Instead, you need a professional on your side -– Marketing Results.


Even in highly competitive industries, we can deliver a return on investment.


This is what we mean by results

  • We'll get you more clicks
  • Those clicks will cost you less
  • They will be highly targeted so will give a better return on investment
  • This will result in more enquiries, leads and sales
  • Your performance will improve in relation to the competition
  • The end result will be more enquiries, leads, and sales for a lower advertising spend

What You Can Expect Working With Our Google AdWords Agency NZ

  • Results – we have a proven Google AdWords management track record of delivering excellent returns on investment
  • Transparent – there are no hidden costs with our service. This means things like ad testing, conversion tracking and multiple ad groups are all included. Plus we are open about our management fees.
  • Analysis – we produce detailed analytics and call tracking so you can measure the results. This also helps us optimise your campaign
  • Qualified – senior consultants who hold individual certifications from Google will manage your campaign. Plus, Marketing Results is a Google AdWords qualified company.
  • Reporting – we'll give you easy to read reports that show you exactly how well your campaign is performing
  • Proactive – we work tirelessly to improve the performance of your campaign



Holistic Approach to Google AdWords Management in Auckland, NZ


There are multiple elements to a Google Ads campaign, and multiple areas where mistakes can be made – mistakes that will cost your business money. The main things you should be aware of include:


  • Setting up the right type of campaign – Google offers several campaign type options depending on the type of campaign you are running, your objectives, and the potential customers you want to reach. We’ll make sure the right one is selected.
  • Keyword targeting – selecting the right keywords is crucial to the success of your Google Ads campaign. The problem is, even when you select the right keywords, your ads can still appear on irrelevant search results pages. Worse still, these incorrectly displayed ads can result in clicks, which will cost you money. Our experienced team will not only make sure they select the right keywords, but they will also set them up properly.
  • Negative keywords – this point is worth mentioning on its own as most businesses running Google Ads campaigns fail to set negative keywords. We won’t make this mistake.
  • Location targeting – this is one of the easier aspects of setting up a Google Ads campaign, but there can be challenges in certain situations. We’ve got the experience you need to overcome those challenges.
  • Bid and budget settings – while location targeting is one of the simpler aspects of a Google Ads campaign, bid and budget settings are one of the most complicated. We’ll optimise your set up to ensure the campaign meets your goals for the lowest possible cost.
  • Ad creation – crafting ads that win clicks and result in conversions is one of the key skills we have here at Marketing Results. Importantly, there are various different types of ad you can create in Google Ads, with most types having both standard and optional features. We’ll make sure each ad is fully optimised for your target customer.
  • Campaign structure – monitoring, analysing performance, and optimising the settings of your Google Ads campaign is essential. If you don’t structure the campaign properly, however, this essential analysis and optimisation process becomes difficult. So difficult, in fact, that you will miss opportunities. This situation particularly applies if you have multiple ads and/or ad groups running at the same time. Our team at Marketing Results has experience in properly structuring Google Ads accounts and campaigns, including those with a high level of complexity.
  • Landing page design – landing pages are the pages on your website that people arrive at when they click on a link in your ad. They are as important to the overall success of your ad as any other feature or setting of your Google Ads campaign. We’ll give you advice and tips on how your landing pages can be optimised, plus we can optimise them for you if you don’t have a website developer. We can also build new landing pages designed specifically for achieving optimum results on Google Ads campaigns.


No Obligation, And No Contracts

Some Google AdWords management companies in NZ  lock you into long term contracts. With us, there is no obligation and no contracts, so you can cancel at any time. That's how confident we are that we will be able to deliver results on your campaign.


We’ll tailor our services according to your requirements too. This includes launching seasonal campaigns and promoting sales events in addition to running your standard Google Ads campaign.


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Making Google Ads Management Affordable For Your Business

The best way to get started is to get a free Google AdWords consultation from a specialist member of our team. There is no obligation, but you will get tangible and practical advice on the best approach to get started with a new Google AdWords campaign in Auckland. We can also give you , ideas and suggestions that will improve your campaign, if you already have one running.


When you are ready, give us a call. There is no long-term commitment or contract, and there is minimal risk to testing us out. Request your consultation today.


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