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Making Media Work

All businesses in Auckland can benefit from publishing a higher volume of high quality images and videos on their website. There are several reasons for this:

  • Images and videos engage users
  • The provide an alternative to reading text
  • They make pages look more interesting and attractive
  • They can help to increase conversions
  • They are a new source of traffic
  • They can help improve your website's SEO
  • They give you a proven, additional method of communicating with your customers - and potential customers

Our media offering includes photography and video services that will make your website look better as well as perform better. Here is what we offer:

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It is time to stop using boring stock images and shaky videos shot on a mobile phone. Instead, get the online professionals at Marketing Results to look after producing the media for your website. Call today.

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Professional Photography

It is easy to find images for your website either for free or for a small fee. But they offer no real purpose except to provide minor decoration. The best photographs are those that are personal, unique, and taken in a way that will engage visitors on your website.

The photographs that we take look great, but they have a function as well.

Our photographers have many years of experience taking photographs that get results on the internet. They will capture your brand and encourage your users to engage more actively.

This includes photographs of:

  • Products
  • Employees
  • Your facilities or offices
  • Inspirational photographs
  • Advertising and marketing photography

Videos That Sell

Videos should also be part of your marketing strategy. However, it is important they are done professionally. That does not necessarily mean they need to be studio-quality - in fact in many situations, studio-quality videos are inappropriate. But they do have to have certain characteristics in order to look professional:

  • They should be well planned
  • Care should be taken with the design
  • They should be concise and direct
  • Targeting is essential
  • They should be genuinely useful for your website users
  • And they should have a clear purpose, with a clear call to action

These are the sorts of videos that we produce. This could be a message from you to your customers, a tutorial or help video or a video testimonial from your customers. These are all powerful marketing tools that will help to build your online marketing strategy.

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