Working with Marketing Results we saw the number of enquiries through our website increase. We put this down to their focused approach who put in a lead capture system in place to get as many leads through the website as possible and its working!

Jarrod Marsden
Jarrod Marsden Managing Director Marsden Engineering Limited

I have used four online marketing companies in the past, but found most of them didn't work. Some offered lots of technical solutions, but all I am interested in is the bottom line. A few providers offered excellent training courses where I could learn everything there is to know about online marketing but I don't have time for that as I run a business. I needed someone to do this for me. I now have more sales and I am spending less on Google ads while appearing number one on google 86% of the time over my competitors.

Aidan Creamer
Aidan Creamer Director Green Gas Limited

The team at marketing results explained everything to me in clear detail and as a plumber this wasn't an easy task. I am finding my website is now converting the traffic into leads where as before it was virtually impossible to find my business on google. I highly recommend Marketing Results to anyone wanting to grow your business while tracking the results at the same time.

Bruce Trenwith
Bruce Trenwith Director BT Plumbing Limited

Our business has achieved a double hit by working with Marketing Results. For a start we are getting four times as many leads per month, which means we are making more profit than before because the cost per customer is now lower. Not only are we getting more customers, we are also spending less money in order to get them. We have been able to reduce our Google Adwords spend while improving the conversion rate.

Ian Ward
Ian Ward Director Transcon Limited

I have worked with many SEO and marketing companies in the past. They have achieved some results, including improved ranking in search engines, but there is a difference with Sam and his team. Yes, we saw improvements in the amount of traffic visiting our website but more importantly we had less tyre kickers coming through the website because they targeted the right keywords. Our turnover is up, our profits are up, and we get new leads to work on every day. The best thing about working with Marketing Results is their professionalism and attention to detail.

Terry Donnelly
Terry Donnelly Managing Director Contract Landscapes Ltd

Sam approached us about six months ago when we were ready to stop doing online marketing all together and after a few meetings we could not only see the difference in what they were doing but had data to back it up. The inquires started flooding in within 1 week of our adwords going live. Since then the leads we get through online marketing have increased from about 4 a week to about 30. These guys know what they are doing!

Phil Berry
Phil Berry Managing Director Duffett Doors & Grilles Limited

I have no hesitation in recommending "Marketing Results" for any site you need built. Sam Raines and his team have been responsive, direct and effective at delivering on what I wanted.

Baden Meyer
Baden Meyer Barrister Baden Meyer Barrister

Our Company, Advanced Gem Lab Ltd, recently had Marketing Results, freshen up our website and we received an unsolicited testimonial from a client which included such glowing remarks as: "it is one of the most superbly executed sites I have ever seen". "I am particularly enthralled in the content itself (how it is written). If it was your intention, it definitely leaves the user, empowered to use your company" & "The content is well written and set out for visitors" & finally, "The site is truly exceptional. It ticks all the boxes and a joy to visit. Thank you!." We are very thankful we engaged Marketing Results.

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