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Direct response website design is a different way of looking at building websites. It is design that is focused on getting leads and sales rather than just looking good. This is the sort of responsive design that we do at The Marketing Results in Auckland.

It involves a holistic approach. Again, this sets us apart from other companies in Auckland that often concentrate only on building you a technical solution, leaving it to you to write the content and develop the sales message.

In our approach, the technical engine is there simply to serve the real purpose of the website - to deliver your sales message to the right traffic and, as a result, convert more sales.

Website Design Fundamentals NZ

  • Clear, modern design
  • Responsive design so it works on all devices
  • A website that is focused on your customers and is optimised for user experience on all devices
  • Optimised for performance, fast loading
  • Representing your brand and image properly with a professional look
  • Web Maintanance support services to help you manage your website

But then we do more:

  • Develop a sales strategy for the website
  • Build pages that encourages visitors to convert - sign up, enquire, buy etc
  • Target the offering at the right type of visitor


Web Design Company in Auckland NZ

There are hundreds of companies in Auckland that can build you a website. Their skills are technical - coding, graphic design etc. We have those skills too, but responsive design is about building you a website that makes money, rather than simply building you a website.

This type of responsive design requires specialist skills. Those skills involve understanding how visitors behave when on a web page; understanding the triggers that motivate them to take action; and understanding how to tailor that knowledge to your business.

Most of our direct response website design projects cost in the region of $12,000 to $15,000. This includes:

  • Planning of the website and the online sales strategy that your website will utilise
  • Customised website design and website development, as required
  • Conversion and SEO focused copywriting that is designed to attract Google, and then get visitors to take action once they are on your page
  • Marketing plans to increase levels of traffic to your website

You can get a website built cheaper. You can probably also get a website built faster. In fact, if you wanted to, you can build your website in-house. But if you want a website that makes money you need the skills of marketing professionals.

The bottom line is The Marketing Results can build you a website that will improve your bottom line.

To find out more you should get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. We'll be able to show you examples and case studies, and we can outline the results that we can deliver.

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