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Are you looking for a website design company that will help you achieve your goals? We know how challenging this can sometimes be, particularly when you talk to companies about web design in Auckland, and all they want to focus on is the technical or design aspects of the project.


At Marketing Results, we know your website development project is about more than getting all the technical elements correct. They are important, and we have the best development team in the business, but a technically sound website is not going to generate sales for your business on its own.


Cutting edge design won’t cut it either. In fact, going too modern, on-trend, and cutting edge can have the opposite effect, as your website will quickly become out of date.


Instead, you need a website design company in Auckland, NZ, that focuses on delivering for your business. We’ll do this by making sure we have a full understanding of your business, your products or services, your customers, your business objectives, and your goals for the website development project.


We call this direct response website design.

Website Design That Gets Results

Direct response website design is a different way of looking at building websites. It is an approach to design that is focused on getting leads and sales rather than just looking good. This is the sort of responsive design that we do at Marketing Results in Auckland.


It involves a holistic approach. Again, this sets us apart from other companies in Auckland that often concentrate only on building you a technical solution, leaving it to you to write the content and develop the sales message.


In our approach, the technical engine is there simply to serve the real purpose of the website - to deliver your sales message to the right people and, as a result, convert more sales.


Why We're the Leading Web Design Company in Auckland

Our expertise at Marketing Results includes:

  • Custom-designed websites built in WordPress.
  • Websites built using other common website development platforms, including Magento and BigCommerce.
  • Responsive website design that ensures your website looks great and functions properly on all devices.
  • E-commerce websites for all types of business, including online-only retailers and physical shops that also sell online. We also have experience building e-commerce solutions of any size, from stores with a handful of products to those that have thousands.
  • Lead generation websites that showcase your products and services, make you stand out from the competition, and encourage visitors to request a quote or more information.
  • Booking websites for businesses in the hospitality, travel, and leisure sectors. This includes hotels and motels as well as gyms, restaurants, and more.
  • Membership websites including gyms, companies that provide products on a subscription basis, and more.

Get in touch with us at Marketing Results, whether you are a start-up, an existing business looking to build a more prominent online presence, or a company that is well-established online but now wants to move to the next level. We’ve got the capabilities, expertise, and know-how to help you achieve your goals.

Website Design Fundamentals NZ

  • Your website will have a clean, modern design that follows best practices, but that is also future proof, ensuring your website will still look relevant and modern in the months and years to come.
  • Your website will also have a responsive design to ensure it works on all devices. We don’t just focus on appearances, either, as usability is just as important in responsive design. Therefore, we’ll make sure all the features of your website work well on mobile devices, and we’ll ensure the site is easy to use.
  • A website that is focused on your customers. This means ensuring the navigation is intuitive with a clear flow for visitors to follow. We’ll also give careful consideration to what people will be looking for when visiting your website, as well as what you want them to do.
  • Full branding for your business will also feature prominently on your website. The internet can be a crowded place, so it’s important your brand stands out and is memorable.
  • We’ll fully optimise your website for performance, ensuring all the pages are fast loading. This is essential for user experience as nobody likes slow loading websites. Having a fast-loading website is also an important factor in marketing and advertising strategies like SEO and Google AdWords PPC campaigns.
  • We offer web maintenance and ongoing support services, too,  helping you manage your website, keep it up-to-date, and ensure it is secure.



The Website Design Company that Takes it to the Next Level:


We do all the above, but we also step it up a notch. This is where we drive real value for your business and help you achieve your goals. Here’s what you can expect:


  • We’ll develop a sales strategy for your new website. This applies whether you want people to purchase products on your website, make a booking, request a quote, or visit you in person. We’ll analyse your customer’s pain points and the USPs you offer as a business to optimise the features, navigation, and general flow of your new site.
  • Our team has extensive conversion optimisation experience, so we will also build pages that encourage visitors to convert. We use various website design and sales techniques to achieve this objective, whether that is  - signing up, making an enquiry, buying, etc.
  • We’ll also make sure we target the offering at the right type of visitor. This involves ensuring the branding of the website appeals to your target customer as well as the overall design, tone, and style of the site.



Web Design Company in Auckland NZ

There are hundreds of companies in Auckland that can build you a website. Their skills are technical coding, graphic design, etc. We have those skills too, but responsive design is about building you a website that makes money, rather than simply building you a website.

This type of responsive design requires specialist skills. Those skills involve understanding how visitors behave when on a web page; understanding the triggers that motivate them to take action; and understanding how to tailor that knowledge to your business.

Most of our direct response website design projects cost in the region of $12,000 to $15,000. This includes:


  • Planning the website and the online sales strategy that your website will utilise
  • Customised website design and website development, as required
  • Conversion and SEO focused copywriting that is designed to attract Google, and then get visitors to take action once they are on your page
  • Marketing plans to increase levels of traffic to your website


You can get a website built cheaper. You could probably also get a website built faster. In fact, if you wanted to, you can build your website in-house. But if you want a website that makes money, you need the skills of marketing professionals.

The bottom line is Marketing Results can build you a website that will improve your bottom line.

To find out more, you should get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll be able to show you examples and case studies, and we can outline the results that we can deliver.


Your Website Design Questions Answered

Why should I use Marketing Results to develop my new website?

At Marketing Results, we’ve got ALL the expertise required to develop a website that will deliver on your business objectives. Our team is dedicated and proactive, so you can expect a standard of service that is more like a consultancy with delivery capabilities, rather than being a straightforward service provider.

Can you help with the content on my website?


We are a website design company, but we also offer a range of other digital marketing and advertising services. This includes additional services to help ensure your website is as good as it can possibly be. So, yes, we can help you with content. This includes:

  • Copywriting
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Graphics


Do you offer digital marketing services?

Yes, we do. We can develop a digital marketing strategy for your business, and we can implement that strategy. Our expertise includes SEO, Google Ads, social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and more.


How does the website design process work?

  • Research – we’ll learn more about your business, your customers, your USPs, your products/services, and your existing site. We’ll also find out about your goals, including the goals for the website, and we’ll research your competitors.
  • Mock-up – our team will create a mock-up design based on the research stage, sending it to you for approval.
  • Content creation – we’ll help with the content creation aspect of the project, according to your requirements.
  • Development – once you approve the mock-up, the website will go into development. This includes the development of all the features and any integrations that are required. Testing takes place throughout this stage.
  • Final approval and launch – we’ll conduct final testing before sending the website to you for approval. Once approved, we’ll launch the site live on the internet.

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